KY Gravel Championship

August 8th, 2020

August 10th, 2019 at  Flat Lick Falls 


Gravel cyclist will descend on Jackson County KY to battle it out to see who is the best gravel racer in Kentucky!  The event is open to all racers (not just KY residents).

Race will start and finish a beautiful Flat Lick Falls in Gray Hawk, KY!  The 60+ mile course will leave Flat Lick Falls and take racers through the hills of Jackson County on back roads, gravel roads, trail, creeks and through some private farm land.  This mixed terrain course will ensure many challenges for racers!  


There will be aid and water stations placed throughout the course with a meal being served at the finish line.  

Quote from racer Tom Hughes  - “Challenging and the scenery was fantastic. Worth the suffering.  One hell of an adventure nonetheless. Keith Cottongim never disappoints, another race course where the ridiculous difficulty is matched only by its beauty and great people along the way, racing and volunteering.”

Quote from racer Luke Powell.   “I raced the Kentucky Gravel Championship today. It was a ~63 mile bike race that consisted of gravel (rock) roads, dirt (muddy) roads, trails and hills - or more like mountains. It was the without a doubt the hardest bike race I have ever done.

A little pre-race training.

Kentucky Cycling riding and exploring in Jackson Co.  Riding a portion of the KGC.