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Arts and Crafts

Jackson County Artists

Jackson County boasts a long history of artists of diverse genres. One can find brilliant imagination in works of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design, as well as the literary efforts of essayists, novelists, and poets. Jackson County has produced painters, sculptures, woodworkers, metalworkers, photographers, and artists of unique and unexpected mediums. Many artists draw inspiration from their experience in rural Appalachia. Some of the most moving and ingenious art is produced by artists who remain virtually unknown and unrecognized in these wooded hills.

Local Artisans

If you are a local artisans and would like your wares listed here or showcased at the Bighill Welcome Ctr, please contact the Bighill Welcome Ctr at or 606-965-2485.

Stringbean Festival

Local crafts can also be found at the Stringbean Bluegrass Festival in mid June.

Jason Bowman

1549 Rice Hill School Rd.

McKee, KY 40447

(606) 965-7669

My name is Jason. I have always had an interest in making things that look nice and are functional. I have been doing leather carving for a few years now, everything I make is hand tooled and stitched.  II can make personalized items also. 


Darlene Hellard

Sand Gap, KY

(606) 965-3689


Farm Girl Fancies

I am a teaching fiber artists. I love to create unique pieces of quilted wall art. I can create that special piece for you! My husband, Doug, and I live on our farm, Buena Vista Ridge Farm. 

Devonna Hisel

1845 Azbill Rd

McKee, Kentucky

Sticks and Stuff by Laverne
•Tobacco  stick flags
•Personalized plaques
•Local photography
•Walking sticks

Laverne Lakes Jarvis

Phone 606-965-2268 or 859-582-3088

Vickie Nan's

Vickie Estridge

651 Pigeon Roost Rd. Annville, ky. 40402. Open by appointment.


606 364 5947 or Vickie Estridge on Facebook.

I have a wide variety of quilts, scarfs, purses and hats.  Please call to set up an appointment.  

Bettylanes Jams and Jellies

126 oak drive Tyner KY 40486
606-364-0236     606-975-4154

Homegrown and homemade. 

Bettylane's Jams And Jellies | Facebook

We are KY proud

We take old recipes and homegrown fruits and turn it into amazing jams, jellies and butters
We make the usual jams and then we make the unusual ones like persimmon preserves and passion fruit.  

We sell from home, at festivals and Farmer's market in Jackson and surrounding counties

Ree's craft and culinary by clover bottom bed and breakfast.

"Opening our home as a bed and breakfast and becoming an entrepreneur has given me the opportunity to explore and share my creativity. It is so rewarding to see people enjoy the craft and culinary items that I make." 

Cloverbottombandb on FB

 phone 606-965-1289

 Original art & sculptures

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